The Huard House

Manufacturing of agricultural machines

Since 19th December 2009 in the Maison Huard, the Huard Burzudus Association has brought to life a museographic and memorial area, as well as a research centre for the history of the Huard  Company (1863-1987).

Between 1900-1914: “Burzudus Eo!”. It provided the essential elements concerning the extraordinary rise of the company from the manufacture of reversible ploughs.

The permanent exhibition consists mainly of a very large photo, an open book, a model and “symbolic objects” placed in a showcase.

La Maison Huard

Maison Huard

The Huard house was built in 1869 by Jean-François and Victorine Huard. It experienced, first, the development of a blacksmith’s and carpenter’s workshop repairing and manufacturing agricultural machines, especially beating machines with their whirling arms. Two remarkable snapshots show the house and the workshops in 1885 and in 1895.

In 1899, Jean-François let his sons, Jules and François, have his business. Almost immediately, they started manufacturing reversible ploughs and seed drills. The workshop quickly became a factory, and was soon too small. In 1905, Jules Huard, who had become mayor, decided to build a new factory near the railway station. The Rollard Factory, in Vauzelles, opened its doors on 15th January 1907.

The Maison Huard and the industrial buildings were passed to the Niglais family and then to the Maussion family, before being bought back by the Communauté de Communes du Castelbriantais. The industrial buildings were demolished to make room for the Intercommunal Conservatory of Music, Dance and Drama, while the Maison Huard was restored. It belongs to the Communauté de Communes de Castelbriantais which, following restoration, placed it at the disposal of the Association Huard Burzudus through a partnership agreement.

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Spastic : Partially accessible. Accompaniment routinely recommended  (slopes, uneven ground)

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