Download the free Baludik app ! forgesville

Download the application on your smartphone to discover two exceptional tourist sites :

– Walk in the medieval city of Châteaubriant

– Walk on the site of the Forge Neuve in Moisdon-la-Rivière


Baludik walk n. f. :

 Treasure hunt composed of several stages.

To advance, you must use the clues at your disposal (photo, riddle, compass …).

Arrived on the spot, and only on the spot, contents are revealed to you: information, picture gallery, sound testimony, video …


Go on a ride !

1) Download the application on your mobile phone

2) Choose a ride

The app searches for treasure hunt rides to do in a radius of 15km around you.

3) Advance and unblock the contents

Compass, riddle, photo, use your deductive mind to know where to go. At every step your phone vibrates, and magic, content appears !

Vote, comment and share your opinion

4) Once your walk is over, give a note if you wish, leave a comment and let your friends know by sharing on social networks.

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