Hot-air Balloon Rides

Bulle d'airAn atypical ride

Come and take a breath of fresh air and adrenalin in a magic hot-air balloon flight above the Pays de Châteaubriant. From up there you will see breath-taking scenery : the Château de Châteaubriant, the old town and its ramparts, the Béré Church – one of the oldest churches in France, the lakes and the forests, the surrounding wooded countryside etc. 

Procedure :

Participants are welcomed by the instructors,
Participation in preparing the flight with the pilot (inflating the balloon etc.),
Flight over Châteaubriant, its Castle, and the old town. Just let yourself be rocked gently by the balloon and enjoy the variety of the scenery you will fly over.



Useful information :

Communal flight : The basket can accommodate up to 7 passengers
Flight duration : About 1 hour ; allow 3 hours from the time of the appointment. Flights take place early in the morning or at the end of the afternoon.
Special conditions : Minimum age 10 / minimum height 1.30 m
Requirements: Preferably wear comfortable clothes (trousers), and flat shoes (walking shoes, trainers etc.)
Caution ! Nylon clothes, skirts and high-heeled shoes are prohibited. In summer, make sure you wear a cap and sunglasses. You might want to take a camera, a camcorder or binoculars.

Price :

€230 per person with departure from Châteaubriant
– Reduced price for groups of a minimum of 3 people (€215)

€245 per personne with departure from Nantes or Rennes around

-Reduced price for groups of a minimum of 3 people (€230)

Contact :

Bulle d’Air –  Grégory Dollé
14, le Moulin Neuf – 44110 Erbray, France
Mobile +33 (0)6 22 44 52 80