Territory fishing sites

To promote access to leisure-fishing for as many people as possible, the National Fishing Federation in France has created 3 labels, corresponding to 3 levels of reception. Each label has its own fishing accessibility criteria. Labeled sites are being deployed across the department to offer everyone, with family, friends or solo, a fishing spot adapted to their expectations, desires or passion. To each his own label, to each his fishing!



The “Family” courses are accessible to families or groups wishing to practice “recreational” and quality fishing. Of varying sizes, they offer practice conditions similar to discovery trails (accessibility, comfort, safety, sanitary facilities) as well as a range of activities for families and groups (games for children, other leisure activities), reception favorable to relaxation (picnic area). “Family” route on the territory: Étang de Choisel in Châteaubriant




The “Passion” courses interest confirmed fishermen by their high quality of fish farming and fishing, by that of their management and their population. Depending on their location, the configuration of the sites, they offer conditions of accessibility, parking, fishing pontoons, slipways for launching boats. These may be specific courses: salmonids, carp, night course for example… “Passion” course on the territory: Lac de Vioreau in Meilleraye-de-Bretagne, Pond of Hubertières in Moisdon-la-Rivière, Factory pond in Sion-les-Mines




On certain fishing lots, the removal of fish is prohibited and these sectors are classified as “No Kill”. Fish caught must be released immediately.




In order to fish, you need to have a fishing licence.

concours de pêche

concours de pêche

Further information


Find the licence appropriate for you:

Find us at the following fishing licence agents and on the website of the Fédération Départementale pêche 44  (Departmental Fishing Federation 44) or on the website of the Fédération Nationale pour la pêche en France (FNPF)  (FNPF – French National Fishing Federation)