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Situated 45 minutes from Nantes, Angers, Laval and Rennes, the Communauté de Communes du Castelbriantais (Community of Communes of Castelbriantais) is served by train, coaches and the future tram-train from Nantes since the beginning of 2014.




Mobility House

Open since the beginning of December 2019 in the Châteaubriant station and run by agents from the community of municipalities, the Maison de la Mobilité offers information and a ticket sale which will gradually be extended to all of the territory’s mobility offer intercommunal on the following 3 main components:
• Collective transport: railway lines, regular bus lines, transport on demand,
• Active mobility: cycling, electrically assisted bicycle, walking,
• Shared cars: carpooling, car sharing, organized hitchhiking.

This House of Mobility is also a gateway to the territory where visitors will have a first reception on the services available in the 26 municipalities (economy, tourism, etc.). It also works in a network with the Maison de Services au Public (MSAP) in Derval, now labeled “France Services”, as well as with the 26 counters of town halls, thereby facilitating access to information on travel solutions for all inhabitants of the territory.

Rue de la Gare 44110 Châteaubriant (locate)
Opening hours: Monday to Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.


TER Rennes – Châteaubriant: line FH09 timetables

TRAM -TRAIN Nantes – Châteaubriant: line T1 timetables

Since February 28, 2014, Castelbriantais can reach Nantes every day of the year by Tram-Train. Planned within the framework of a partnership between the Region, the Department, Nantes Métropole, the Community of Communes, the City of Châteaubriant on the one hand and Réseau Ferré de France (RFF) and the SNCF on the other hand, this realization important economic and environmental issues, contributes to opening up Châteaubriant and its region. The Châteaubriant-Nantes line reuses a 64 km railway line closed since 1980.
The tram-train has characteristics similar to those of a tram which offer an attractive journey time while serving many stops. It also borrows from the train other qualities: a top speed higher than that of the tram (more than 100 km / h against 70 km / h), and more seats for better comfort.

The Nantes-Châteaubriant tram-train line offers 8 round trips per day, with increased frequency during rush hour. The journey lasts 1 hour 07 minutes.


From Nantes, take the N137 to Nozay then the D771.

From Rennes, take the N137 to Bain de Bretagne then the D772.

From Angers, take the N775 to Pouancé then the D771.

From Laval, take the N771 to Châteaubriant.


Angers - Châteaubriant (by Candé): line 18 timetables

Angers - Châteaubriant (by Segré): line 401 timetables

Laval - Châteaubriant: line 140 timetables