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Guided tours

Throughout the year, guided tours are offered by the Tourist Office for all groups at a price of €3 per person for the Châteaubriant town center :

Cité médiévale

Châteaubriant town center

At the foot of the medieval fortress, the old town centre with its half-timbered houses, corbels, towers, wall-walks, narrow streets, and alleys and its 17th century buildings will introduce you to the history of this town that has retained the contours of a walled town at the foot of a fortress belonging to the Brients.


For your group, you can also contact the other sites in the territory to schedule a guided tour:


Chateaubriant Castle

Tél 02 40 28 20 20

In the Middle Ages, Châteaubriant Castle was at the heart of the Marches de Bretagne. It constitutes a stronghold which defends the duchy against the kingdom of France. The keep, the ramparts, the seigniorial chapel and the dwellings of the medieval court still testify to the power of this fortress.


The Quarry of the Shots and the Resistance Museum

Tél 02 40 28 60 36

The Castelbriantaise region took an active part in the Resistance and the liberation of France during the Second World War. On October 22, 1941, in this quarry, 27 hostages including Guy Moquet (17 years old) were executed by the German occupiers in retaliation for the attack by the “Feldkommandant Hotz” in the Place de Nantes.



 The Castle of La Motte Glain

Tél 06 48 81 42 38

The Château de la Motte Glain was built by Pierre de Rohan, Marshal of Gié, from the end of the 15th century to the beginning of the 16th century on the site of the former fortress of the lords of Rougé.



 Caratel Castle

Tél 06 81 99 53 50

The castle was built in its current overall composition around 1650.


The Residence René-Guy and Hélène Cadou

Tél 02 40 28 20 90

The public can visit the museum dedicated to the poet René Guy Cadou (1920-1951), installed in his house adjoining the school where he was a teacher. A simple life dedicated to poetry.



Melleray Abbey

Tél 02 40 55 26 00

Place of silence and prayer founded in 1183, bordered by a 6 ha pond. In 2015, the Cistercian monks handed over to the Chemin Neuf community.



Mines of Brutz

Tél 02 99 44 27 73

Installed on the former site of the Brutz Iron Mines, the museum park traces the history of industrial mining activity in the Breton-Angevin basin.



The Hunaudière Forges

Tél 02 40 28 94 29

Molders make you relive the atmosphere of a foundry (its warmth, its smells, its atmosphere as it existed in the 1950s.


The Moulin du Pont Godalin

Tél 06 49 37 06 93

Historical monument 4 centuries old. He continues to make buckwheat flour. The visit includes the mill, its surroundings, the water wheel and the mill museum.