Tours offered by the Tourist Office

Guided tours

Throughout the year, guided tours are offered by the Tourist Office for all groups at a price of €3 per person for the following sites :

Cité médiévale

Châteaubriant town center

At the foot of the medieval fortress, the old town centre with its half-timbered houses, corbels, towers, wall-walks, narrow streets, and alleys and its 17th century buildings will introduce you to the history of this town that has retained the contours of a walled town at the foot of a fortress belonging to the Brients.

La Carrière des fusillés

The Quarry of the Fusillés

The Castelbriantais region played an active part in the Resistance and in the Liberation of France during the Second World War. On 22nd October 1941, 27 hostages were executed in this quarry, including Guy Môquet (17 years old).

église st-jean extérieur

The church of St John the Baptist in Béré

The church dedicated to Saint Baptiste, classified as a Historical Monument, is one of the oldest Romanesque churches in the department. Built in the 11th century, not far from the fortress of the Brients and the Monastery of St Sauveur, it is a rather bare church but its baroque altarpiece (17th century) and its listed statues give it all its charm, under the watchful eye of an “Eternal Father” carved from the wood of an old altarpiece.