The Community of Communes of Châteaubriant Derval

A strategic geographic situation

The Châteaubriant region is located at the centre of a quadrilateral formed by the large urban areas of Nantes, Rennes, Angers and Laval. It offers its inhabitants an outstanding quality of life.

In the heart of a green land, with numerous woodlands and lakes, castles, manors and chapels, this region is rich in history and has all the necessary facilities and infrastructure. It demonstrates a real dynamism and offers numerous events and activities all year round.

Les rencontres du jeudi   Les Mines de la Brutz 

L’étang des Forges  L’étang au-delà de l’eau

This region benefits from the appeal of Châteaubriant, a sub-prefecture of Loire-Atlantique and a town that is the centre of a community of over 60,000 inhabitants.
Châteaubriant is a town on a human scale that, can boast of a level of facilities and services comparable to those of large urban areas, such as the Health Centre, the cinema, the Media Library, the Conservatoire, the Job Centre, the Legal Advice Centre, the day care centres, the offices of the consular chambers etc.

With almost 8200 industrial and commercial jobs, the Châteaubriant region has seen an economic and demographic growth that shows no signs of slowing down. It has become established as a particularly dynamic area, at the same time preserving its original activity of metallurgy renowned in particular due to the Huard company, with a museum being dedicated to this jewel in the Castelbriantais crown. The region knew how to adapt to the great technological changes. These days, the Castelbriantais economy is centred on four fields : the agri-food industry, excelling in high quality farming and a cattle market that is classed 2nd nationally, metallurgy which has sixty companies, plastics processing which developed in the 70s, and the environment which, with the technopole of the same name, ensures the Castelbriantais region is following a sustainable development approach.

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